The Curse of Knowledge

You might wonder to yourself, “why do smart people seem like assholes?”. Many people have had to deal with people that just seem like arrogant jerks that think they know everything, but fact of the matter is they may just happen to know everything, or at least everything you would ask them. These people for the most part are not trying to be this way, rather they suffer from a specific communication barrier, the curse of knowledge.

In the psychological sense the curse of knowledge is when someone is so highly experienced at a particular thing they cannot properly explain it to someone else. However, we can use it in a more general sense to describe the communication errors that occur between IQ differentials. For example, if we assume the average IQ at 100 points, that person is going to be able to communicate effectively within the 15 points of divination both positive and negative. So the average person can communicate effectively with someone with an IQ from 85 to 115. That IQ differential, from 85 to 115 contains most people that someone is going to interact with in their entire lives.

Now let’s consider another two differentials, from 100 to 130, this is the differential that the average high status person is going interact with, and 60 to 100 is what the average low status person is going to interact with. This gives us a larger differential, 60 to 130, this represents most of humanity, but what happens when someone is outside this differential? The first answer is obvious, people who have an IQ below 60 are deemed mentally retarded, autistic, slow, etc. and higher societies generally come up with ways to take care of these people. But what about people above 130? The answer is far more complicated.

Lets use the next IQ tier, 145, this person is capable of clearly communicating with someone with an IQ from 130 to 160, this creates a problem, because very few people outside and advanced research department fit this tier, so people in this category often have severe social issues due to being totally dumbfounded by what most people perceive as simple intuitive procedure. It’s as if the human mind is only capable of being so intelligent before other things start to slip. To normal people, these people are arrogant assholes that think they’re better than everyone. Fact of the matter is, in at least one way, they are better than everyone.

Surprisingly, these high IQ individuals are capable of communicating people of low IQ, but not of middle IQ. This is perhaps due to the inability of both low IQ and high IQ people from accepting the general societal ideology, one because of low intelligence and the other because of independent thought. Often these people share many beliefs because the high IQ person will rationally arrive at conclusions that the low IQ person came to intuitively. Thus, the low IQ person will perceive the high IQ person as kind of weird but otherwise alright. This often creates a strange scenario where the low IQ and high IQ people are on the same team against the rest of humanity.

These high IQ people are also over aware of the reality they live in. This often leads these people toward drug use and extremism as paths to “correct” the dysfunctional and nihilistic nature of human society. In this way high IQ people often become high functioning addicts, leveraging their intelligence to manage their addiction instead of using it to further humanity. These people are often ahead of their time and are generally rejected by mainstream society during most of their lives. The lucky ones may see acceptance late in life but most of the time they will be poorly received the entirety of their life only to see respect after death.

Beyond functional drug use this communication breakdown causes self isolation, these people will only surround themselves with the few people they respect and ignore everyone else, even their own family, who are often confused by the things they say. Their family will often believe whatever they want about that person from a position of ignorance, even if the psychology of that person has been explained to them because these people often have symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome and feel compelled to explain their psychology to them.

Ultimately, these people are simultaneously blessed with intelligence and cursed with the knowledge of the world a little beyond what a sane man can handle. These people create society but are also destroyed by it. This is the true curse of knowledge.

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